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Women I admire


In this space you can find awakened women whose purpose is to guide other women to find their own light.

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alimentacion consciente

Alícia Silván

Hi there! I am Alicia, a curious woman and eternal apprentice of life. I love to walk. On my daily walks is where I have found the most connection with myself and with life. I mobilize my body to channel my emotions, calm my mind and connect with my soul. 

Do you want us to walk together in managing your inner world?

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I am a psychologist and creator of Alimentación Emocional (Emotional Food), a safe space where you can heal the relationship you have with food, with yourself and with your body. Because food is not the problem, you are not the problem and your body is not the problem. Behind many dysfunctional behaviors and emotions, there is always a life story to observe, understand and attend to as it deserves, from the most absolute awareness and compassion. 

On my Instagram account @alimentacion_emocional  I share thoughts about psychology and emotional education. I am also creating a community that wishes to learn and walk together on this (sometimes difficult) life path… Each has their own history and has experienced their own moments of profoundness.

To start a psychological or personal growth process, contact me at:

You can also join one of my workshops or support groups where you can learn in company, to heal your relationship with food, with yourself and your body. You are not alone!

I await you with open arms in my little healing space.

With love, 


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Vívian Bellido

My name is Vivian and my mission is to show the beauty that makes up the journey of “being human”.

With this, my intention is to empower people, creating tools that help them express their authenticity, gain confidence, connect with their senses and intuition, thus improving their lives and relationships, and rekindling their creative power.

Do you want to explore (do you)?

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My job is to return us to our natural state, balancing … masculine and feminine energy, based on self-exploration, change of beliefs, release of trauma through breathing, movement, food and magic.

I offer individual sessions and group courses facilitating transformative processes online and in person.

You can find me on Instagram @vivian_bellido.

Visit my website to learn more!

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Vivian Bellido

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This is a space to bring about our infinite capacity for creation when women join forces. 

If your soul connects with this message and your professional work is dedicated to helping other women, if your profession is at the service and accompaniment of your peers, you belong to this space.