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UMA Intimates aims to awaken a woman’s senses.

The packaging is impregnated with essential oil of Ylang Ylang, a revitalizing and energizing flower whose scent resurfaces when opened. The soft delicate fabrics of the lingerie will then awaken your touch senses, and is also subtly impregnated with the scent too.

Every time you open the bag, on the inside flap, the inscription “Loving myself is revolutionary” appears, as a reminder that every revolution begins within us.

All shipments are accompanied by a beautifully illustrated card that delights the eye and whose illustration is a symbol to honour the woman’s body and our connection to Mother Nature.

Finally, as a gift, we include a feminine relaxing tea infusion, tingling your taste. Hence a journey through many senses!

Do not recycle. Instead, REUSE!

Our packaging is eco·designed to have a second life, offering you a sensory experience.

UMA packaging is made with a unique material based on cellulose and latex fibers that gives it strength and flexibility and is fully environmentally friendly.

Here is how to transform your plant-based fiber packaging into a vegan leather bag, step by step. Please read the instructions carefully.



Heat water in a pot or kettle to 40º (Celsius). Try not to boil the water so you don't burn yourself.

Next, empty the packaging of its content and labels. Prepare an intimate space to enjoy this sensory experience. The touch of this material in contact with water and the aromas in which it is infused will make this process a magical experience.

Soak in hot water

When the water is hot - remember it should not be more than 40º or you could burn yourself-, immerse the sustainable packaging for 10 minutes until the material is completely soaked.


Feel the hot water and the roughness of the material on your skin as you shape it. Relax and soak in the aromas that emanate as you squeeze the bag to shape and soften the material.

Let it dry

When your bag has acquired the texture you like, give it one last squeeze to remove excess water and let it air dry.
Do not use hair dryers or place it on top of the radiator. This could damage the material.


You can now reuse your UMA bag however you like.

Unleash your creativity. Incorporate this bag into your wardrobe as a handbag, shoulder bag, fanny pack, or even a toiletry bag and travel bag.

Have you given a second life to your packaging? Share it with all of us!

We would love to hear about your experience, have you enjoyed the process? How do you use your UMA bag?

We encourage you to share your opinion with us and the second life you are giving to your bag. Write to us at or if you prefer, share your experience on Instragam, tagging us @uma.intimates

Don't recycle. REUSED!
If you are not going to use it, GIVE IT to someone special! There will always be someone who will appreciate it.



Composed of cellulose fibers and latex, it is an environmentally friendly material, accredited by both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which guarantees that products made with wood pulp come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits, and Oeko-Tex, organizations that ensure that the material is manufactured in a way that respects the environment and people and is free of toxins.


Currently, due to latex and the difficulty to separate this material from wood cellulose, this packaging is NOT recyclable but designed to last. If you are not going to give it a second life, and you are thinking of getting rid of it, think of someone to whom you can give this bag.


This material is waterproof and durable.
You can use paints, stamping and other materials to give it your own style without fear of deterioration.


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