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Mediterranean herbs

Give yourself a space of intimacy and love.

The combination of these medicinal plants makes this relaxing infusion and invites you to bring awareness to your senses to connect with the present moment.


Orange blossom
Maria Luisa
Green Anise


This infusion awakens your senses and provides you with well-being, especially during the first days of the cycle, thanks to the properties of the María Luisa and Flor de Azahar herb.
Rose gives you the relaxing aromas while the Mint has the mission of clearing your mind.

This infusion is ideal to for intimacy and self-care.

We experience an attitude of presence when we perceive through our senses.

The ordinary state of consciousness presented in the form of thoughts and emotions fades away. Allowing us to have an experience in a space of Being.

The connection with the sensual energy occurs in this state of presence.

Dear woman,
I have a proposal for you. And if you allow me, I ask you to have faith.
Read these following steps to “Feel my Self” and when you finish, schedule an appointment with yourself on the calendar.

To feel my Being

  • When would be the best time to have this date?
When the day comes, get ready. I invite you to write yourself a note and place it where you will often see it, so you can easily read it at any time. For example, a few weeks ago I felt that, what I was doing was not enough and at times I was questioning my capability. So I wrote myself this note: My work is valuable and I recognize it. I honour what I DO and I recognize my good work. My effort is valuable and I recognize it.
  • For your date, dress as you please: comfortable, dressed up, super sexy, … or naked.
  • Choose your favorite infusion or drink. We are going to awaken the sense of smell and taste. Put your intention into it, pay your attention to the smell and the taste.
  • Ask yourself: What do I want to do on my date? Maybe dance? or maybe read? Journaling? a bath? or … I know!
Perhaps you want to visualize a dream of yours. I invite you to write down on paper and with your fist, what it would be like to be living that dream. Transport yourself there, IMAGINE! Take a moment, close your eyes if you like, pay attention to your inhalation and attention to your exhalation. And in first person and in the present, write down in great detail everything you are seeing and what you are feeling.   Honour your dreams, give them a place, a tangible space. Have faith.  
  • Be with yourself for the next few moments. Pay attention to the attitude you have to continue with your day.
Well, dear woman, this attitude gained after giving yourself space and attention, is your female sensuality, inhabiting your body with an attitude of presence. Remember that one way of accessing this is through your senses.