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5 Steps to find your correct online bra size​

Did you know that most of us wear the wrong bra size?

Choosing a comfort bra is not as easy as it sounds. The size of our breasts varies throughout our menstrual cycle and not all women have the same back-to-breast proportions that determine our bra size and cup.

These steps will help you learn to find your correct size and feel comfortable and safe wearing any bra.

Ready? Let’s go!


Did you know that the bra band provides 90% of the bra support?

Therefore, it should fit comfortably around your torso, staying just below your breasts, hugging your body and parallel to the ground, without going up your back or being too low. When your bra is new, ideally fit it on the loosest hook so that if it gives with use, you can place it on the next hook, thus controlling a smoother fit for longer and avoiding bra lines.


The bra underwire, if you are wearing one, should fit completely around your chest, without digging in or slipping too far down.

At UMA Intimates we do not use underwires, as we want to respect the natural and feminine shape of your breast, without elements that are uncomfortable for our bodies or the health of our breasts.



This will depend on the volume of your breasts.

The entire breast must be gathered inside the bra cup. It is important that you know your shape and experiment with different cuts, depths, styles and materials.


The straps provide 10% of the total support of your bra, their main job is to keep the cups close to the body.

Try adjusting the straps so that only one finger fits between the shoulder and the strap. If the strap adjustment causes the band to rise, the band may be too loose. The straps should not slip with the movement and make sure the band and straps fit snugly against your body.


The most important thing about a bra is that it makes you feel good.

Our bodies have a unique formology and there will always be a type of bra that feels better than another, gently hugging your breasts.

We hope these tips help you find your perfect bra. When a good bra suits us and makes us feel good, it is capable of multiplying the sensuality that resides in us.