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We’ve created this space to answer every little question you may ask yourself about UMA. And if you still can’t find the information you need, please email us at, we always love hearing from you!

Questions about online purchase?

Choosing a bra isn’t as easy as it seems! I’m going to guide you to choose your correct bra size.

Did you know that most women wear the wrong bra size? Crazy, isn’t it! But if you follow our guidance, you won’t have this problem.

First and foremost, check out this 5 Steps, where we will show you how to measure yourself correctly. If you apply these tips, you’ll be able to find your perfect bra size- for use at any store or at home! !

Okay, I hear you. Buying Lingerie online- without trying it on first?

We understand your hesitancy, and we have been in your situation too. And because we know what you mean, we have thought (a lot) about how we can make you feel more confident when buying lingerie on our website. Ready?

  • Follow the 5 Steps, I guarantee that you’ll be able to choose your size with confidence.
  • Next, go to the size guide and use the table of measurements provided for both bras and panties.
  • If you still have questions or concerns, just email us at We’re here for you!
We created UMA Intimates to awaken the inner sensuality of the wild woman within you.

If your lingerie does not live up to your expectations, please fill out this form within 14 days of receiving your items so we can find a way to solve any issues together. As we are a small business (for now), we cannot cover shipping charges for returns, but will of course refund the full purchase price as soon as your request is accepted!

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the return of panties for hygiene reasons.

You can find more information about exchanges and returns here.

* Remember that panties cannot be returned for hygiene reasons and you will have 14 days to contact us. *

For each new collection or capsule, we will open 2 weeks of Pre-sales. This means that you can acquire lingerie in a period prior to the official launch and you will receive your order at the end of this Pre-sale period (2 weeks). With it you will receive a special gift!

This act of support, makes you a circular economy co-creator. Here are the main to two reasons to support us:
  1. Fistly, this pre-sales period will allow us to make a realistic sales estimation which will help us to avoid accumulating stock and over producing.
  2. Secondly, it will help us avoid making an early investment in stock that we can’t really afford.

Pre-sales allow us to make a realistic sales estimate, avoiding ‘dead stock’. Dead stock is one of the greatest contributors to the waste of raw materials. Overstock forces companies to make discounts, encouraging consumerism through excessive consumption of products, ultimately decreasing the quality.

At UMA Intimates, we believe there is a better way to do things.

We are an ethical company that aspires to changes, real changes. By acquiring pre-sale lingerie, you are contributing to the shift towards a humanized economy.

Generosity is paid generously.

When you place an order in the pre-sale period, we thank you with the UMA Infusion. This infusion is created with Mediterranean herbs and completes the sensory experience of your eco-design packaging.                                                                      
This revolution begins in the innermost part of you! 

*Our dream is to co-create UMA with women who, like us, dream of a sustainable, sensual, feminine and eco-feminist world. If you feel this relates to you, you can find out more about being an UMA co-creator here.

Great question!

The pre-sale period lasts 2 weeks. We start shipments at the end of this period, and you will receive them within two days, or three days if you are based outside of Spain.

We work with a brilliant shipping company, and will keep you informed of the status and location of your order throughout the shipping process.

Sometimes, it’s a little difficult to choose the perfect gift for someone special, and choosing the correct sizes for someone else … Oh!


With this virtual gift card, you can choose the budget for a present from € 25. We generate a unique code that does not expire, which can simply be applied in the check out.

You can add a loving note if you wish and we will send that special person a special email. The note can also be printed if desired.

What a sensual present lingerie is. And if it is a set 😍. Click here if you are convinced!

Sensory packaging

Sensuality is intimately linked to the senses, the more (I) feel, the more awake my sensual energy is. UMA Intimates aims to awaken a woman’s senses.

The UMA packaging is impregnated with Ylang Ylang essential oil, a revitalizing and energizing flower whose smell resurfaces when opened. The soft delicate fabrics of the lingerie will then awaken your touch senses, and are also subtly impregnated with the scent too.

Every time the bag is opened, on the inside flap of the bag, the inscription “Loving myself is revolutionary” appears, as a reminder that every revolution begins within us.

You will receive your lingerie with an illustration that delights the eye and is a symbol to honour the woman’s body and her connection to Mother Nature.

Finally, special requests include a feminine tea infusion, tingling your taste sense. Hence a journey through many senses!

We have more for you ☺️

Give your labels a second life!

The labels of your lingerie are eco-designed so that they have a second life as a bookmark for your favourites books.

You will find a QR code on it, which will take you to a video (each time it will be a different video), with which we want to inspire you by telling you how each woman experiences her sensuality in a unique and individual way.

*Would you like to be an UMA woman and be the star of our videos or photographs? I’ll tell you more here.

Yes! Even if you buy during the pre-sale period.

If you’d like, you can send that special person a love note alongside her lingerie. Remember to let us know her name!

If you prefer, we can send their UMA Intimates directly to the recipient; just put the address in the Shipping Address section.

Oh! If you’d like them to choose their own lingerie, you also have the option of sending a gift card.

Your lingerie is made with delicate, high quality fabrics and lace. Washing your lingerie correctly is vital to extend its life and maintain its high quality.

This care guide will help you keep your lingerie looking like new!


These are the shipping costs according to location:

  • Peninsula and Balearic Islands, shipping has a fixed cost of € 5.
  • Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra, the cost is € 28 (18€ taxes).
  • Europe, shipping has a fixed cost of € 10.
  • United Kingdom, shipping has a fixed cost of € 15 (Taxes included).

* We offer free shipping for purchases over € 165 .
*For countries outside the EU, we will not be responsible for the taxes applied according to the country. You can find out more details here.

Our shipping company needs between 24 and 48 hours for National shipments and for shipments in Europe and United Kingdom, about 48/72 hours.

We will keep you informed of the status and location of your order throughout.

Yes! We want to pamper you in these two situations:

  1. On specials dates, we will send you a code to your email. We will pay this cost for you . Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.
  2. We will pay the shipping cost for purchases over €185.

I understand how frustrating this situation is, so let’s do something about it.

  • First, look at your spam. Sometimes, emails from the shipping company go there.
  • Follow the instructions you receive in the email. You will have a trucking code that allows you to know the status of your order and its location.
  • Remember that the delivery person tries twice to deliver to your home. On the third attempt, the package will be dropped off at an official collection point, this is also communicated to you.
  • If you still cannot find a clear solution, we are here to help you. Email us at, indicating the reference of your order, your details and what has happened. We will try to give you a solution as soon as possible.


This is our way of taking action to break the traditional economic paradigm and move towards a humanized economy.

UMA is created with the purpose of serving you, uniting us to revolutionize the conventional, encouraging us to connect with our feminine essence so that we can own our infinite capacity for creation when women shake hands.

Sustainability is at the core of UMA Intimates. Our aim is to encourage sensuality and connection between women in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Our lingerie is ethically made in a small workshop in Barcelona. We have created this video in case you  are wondering # Who made my clothes?

We choose materials from predominantly Catalan suppliers thus helping to strengthen the local economy. This also helps us to avoid excessive carbon emissions when transporting materials. Our fabrics are certified to guarantee both the sustainability of their production and the quality of the fabric.  

UMA Intimates is officially recognized by Ethical Time as a REAL SUSTAINABLE FASHION. “We meet high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.”

UMA INTIMATES has successfully achieved the accreditation Good Business Charter.

You can find out more in the Sustainability section!

You will receive your lingerie in sustainable sensory packaging. Its eco-design will allow you to give it a second life by turning it into a vegan leather bag. We have created this beautiful video to tell you about it.

And, the tags attached to your garments are eco-designed with sustainability in mind, so you can reuse them as a bookmark for your favourite books.

What truly makes us an ethical brand is our core aim to have a positive impact on our society. We hope to connect women with the dream of a sustainable, sensual, feminine and eco·feminist world; empowering all of us to honour our identities.

And we have a plan:
  1. Our economic activity respects our planet, and people are at the center of our actions, whether they are the women we work with to create UMA or the women who receive the lingerie we create.
  2. Our communication message has the mission of empowering women from within. We truly advocate that: “The revolution begins first in the innermost part of you.”
We will achieve this by:
  • Using our voice to serve women; empowering them to discover their sensuality and break with absurd taboos and stereotypes. And lingerie is just one of the many paths that allow us to discover ourselves.
  • Using our BLOG. We have created this space to have an open conversation with you, sharing wisdom and support. The topics we discuss will include spiritual growth, female sexuality, psychology for holistic well-being and sustainability- with useful resources and guides throughout.

If you relate to our mission, join the UMA community. Together, we will create a lingerie brand which serves women- empowering us to be our strongest and most intimate selves.

You can find out more details in our Co·creator section.

We have combined the delicacy and transparency of lace with the softness and comfort of Tencel, so you can use your lingerie in your day-to-day life.

The origin and quality of the materials we use is extremely important to us. We have put a lot of energy and resources into researching the best sustainable materials, visiting trade fairs and contacting suppliers based in Europe. We want to work with companies who share our values and commitment to reducing environmental harm.

  • Lace: Recycled Polyamide
The most environmentally friendly lace we have found is made in Italy, with recycled polyamide fibers and a production process that meets the most rigorous environmental and quality standards.

We are aware that the recycling of fabrics can sometimes reflect a greater impact on our environment due to the transformation process involved. We always actively research all of our options, and strive to choose the most sustainable one.

  • Tencel: Organic fabric
Our lingerie is made with Tencel Lyocell. This is a sustainable fabric with antibacterial and breathable properties. It has a soft and comfortable touch due to its elasticity.

Tencel Lyocell is an artificial fiber that comes from the cellulose of eucalyptus wood grown for this purpose. These plantations are sustainably managed according to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standard. Its transformation to fiber is carried out with a non-toxic organic solvent through a closed-circuit production process that allows the recovery and reuse of almost 100% of the material; resulting in greater energy efficiency and a lower environmental impact.

«Discover the sensuality of sustainability»

We ethically produce your lingerie with great care in a small workshop in Barcelona. We have created this beautiful video to answer your question # Who made my clothes?

Producing in our home city allows us to get involved in every step of the process. We highly value our positive working relationships with the women in our workshop, and our regular visits allow us to verify firsthand that all workers are treated with dignity, under fair working conditions, and without risks to their health.

We are committed to the sustainability of our economic activity, and believe our actions must contribute to a more humane, fair economy.

If you have more questions, we’d love to hear from you! Write to us at

Have you ever considered what life would be like for us now, if human beings had considered ways to minimise waste over the last 100 years? If only we’d taken into account our planet’s finite resources, and respected Mother Nature a little more?

So we have! 🤗

¡Don’t recycle, reuse! Imagine a second life.

That’s why we’ve used our eco-design perspective, giving a second life to the packaging you receive. In this video  you can see Tati Guimaraes telling us her inspiration for UMA’s eco-design packaging. You can also find out how to turn your packaging into a vegan leather bag!

Even the labels of your garments are eco-designed to have a second life, as a bookmark for your favourite books. On these you will find a QR code, which will take you to a unique video- showing how a woman embodies her sensuality in her own way.

You are part of this revolution, so use your imagination and creativity to give your packaging a second life and help us to minimise waste.


But you can help save it by consuming responsibly, and encouraging ethical practices from companies. First, empower yourself with information, and recognise that your choices have power and can impact either positively or negatively on the planet.

Sometimes it can be difficult to process that incredibly cheap prices for products or services incur a different cost; one paid by either the planet or another human being. Fair pricing can result in a positive effect through fair pay and reduced environmental impact.

Our economy and methods of consumption are destroying the planet, and human rights violations are ingrained in fast fashion practices. UMA is our way to take action; breaking this paradigm and moving towards a more humane economy.

Take a look at our BLOG to find out more about how “your consumption can change the world” (this is the title of Brenda Chávez’s book, which we highly recommend!). Our aim is to provide you with information on the issues that matter, so you can act decisively to make positive change.

When your choices as a consumer become conscious and responsible, you assume a position of ideological power. UMA Intimates is an ethical lingerie brand ‘fet a Barcelona’ (Made in Barcelona). We love our city, the nature that surrounds it and our Mediterranean essence. With our activity we want to contribute to the local economy, and help it become more human centric.

Since our mission is for UMA to serve all women, we need you to help us co-create it!

It’s powerful to express what you want to see, what you value and how you’d like to express it. We want to evolve, grow and co·create UMA with you.

If you resonate with our call, you can find out more in our co-creator section. Together, we will create a brand that serves women, to revolutionise and empower from the inside.

When you choose UMA Intimates, you align yourself with ethical values and become part of our revolution towards a more humane economy. You can support us in the following ways:
  • Ordering lingerie in Pre-sales thereby helping with financial flexibility. Firstly, pre-sales allow us to make realistic sales estimates and therefore avoids overstocking, and secondly, they help us to avoid overspending.
  • By choosing us, you also align yourself with our communication mission, to raise awareness for all women who want to listen to us about issues that matter, and to show sensuality from an enlightened perspective that has nothing to do with the conventional beauty stereotype or what we have culturally learnt that sensuality is.
  • And with your responsible consumption, more ethical companies with ethical missions will be stronger. We deeply understand that we cannot take without giving back, which is why our commitment to sustainability is honest. And we hope we can express to you our love for nature and humanity.
When you choose UMA Intimates, this also becomes your dream:

“Our wish is that this dream transcends all those women who also dream of a sustainable, sensual, feminine and ecofeminist world, empowering us to live this life honouring who we are by nature.”

I first decided to take action when, during research, I came across the Fashion Revolution website. The organisation leads the largest activist movement in fashion by asking brands their most dreaded question: who made my clothes?

I found a vast quantity of information and resources, which gave me the tools to take action. I also found out more about their co-founders, Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro; two women who were spurred into action after the 2013 tragedy at the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh. Mango, Benetton, El Corte Inglés, Primark, Carrefour and Auchan are just a few of the big brands that were producing clothing in this factory.

The tragedy was the most serious in the history of fashion. 1,134 female workers died; 2000 were injured. There was no forthcoming justice for the families.

We want to join Fashion Revolution’s mission by actively answering the question of # Who made my clothes? and ensuring that the people who make our clothes are treated fairly every step of the way.

In this video we share the story of our workshop. Some wonderful women sew UMA Intimates lingerie, and we want you to meet them.

Producing in our home city of Barcelona allows us to get involved in every step of the process. We value very highly our positive working relationships with the women in our workshop. Our regular visits allow us to verify firsthand that all the workers are treated with dignity under fair working conditions, and without risk to their health.

Learn more about our sensory packaging

Create a second life for your packaging by repurposing it as a vegan leather bag! Your imagination has no limit.
Don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram posts! – we always love to see your imagination in action. Inspire us, and never forget that we, together, create UMA.

                                                                           «I am present. I inhabit my body»
Sensuality is intimately linked to the senses. The more I feel like myself, the more awake my sensual energy becomes. UMA Intimates aims to awaken these senses in every woman.

The packaging is infused with Ylang Ylang essential oil, a revitalising and energising flower whose scent emerges when opened, infusing your soft, delicate lingerie fabrics too.

When you open the bag, you will find an inscription on the inside flap: “Loving myself is revolutionary”. This message is a reminder that every revolution begins inside of you.

All shipments are accompanied by an illustration: a symbol to honour the bodies of women and our connection to mother nature.

Finally, special orders include a feminine infusion, completing the journey through the senses.

«Feel the Sensuality of taste»

We experience an attitude of presence when we perceive through our senses. The ordinary state of consciousness presented in the form of thoughts and emotions, fades away. Allowing you to have an experience closer to your inner-self, a space of Being. And the connection with your sensual energy occurs in that state of presence.

Give yourself a few minutes of intimacy and love.

We have created the UMA Infusion with herbs from our Mediterranean. This relaxing infusion is specially created to awaken your senses, we invite you to connect with your essence which will lead you to inhabit your body and you will notice the ardent awakening of your sensuality.

In this space we tell you the ingredients that make up the infusion and the properties of each of them.

Your lingerie’s packaging is made of cellulose fibers and latex. It is an environmentally friendly material, accredited by both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Oeko-Tex. The FSC guarantees that products made with wood pulp come from forests managed in a responsible way that provide environmental, as well as being free of toxins.

You can find out more about our packaging here.


We love hearing from you and seeing how you use UMA bags.

Tag us in your Instagram posts telling us about how you use them, and we will share them on our page. You can also email us at

Do you wonder who is UMA?

We have created this video to inspire you. We show you how UMA lingerie is created with the purpose of awakening your senses, connecting you to your Sensuality.

Presenting the GAIA COLLECTION: Ecological Lingerie. Sensual Lingerie.

GAIA, is the goddess of creation who represents the essence of UMA Intimates. We have named our core collection after her.

UMA lingerie is created to encourage you to awaken your senses. You will realize that, with the attitude of presence, by connecting through your senses, you inhabit your body and you access to Sensuality, allowing you to be in touch with the Goddess within you.

GAIA, beautiful, abundant, sensual and confident of her art, she knows that magic energy is born inside her and delivers it to the universe in a generous flow. Dancing to the rhythms of nature, she achieves a powerful synergy to initiate her path on this Earth.

For the wild woman who wants to own her sensuality. This is our original collection, from which the essence of UMA Intimates was born.

UMA is born from a sacred dream.
When I was 30, I began to be aware of the importance of Mother Nature in our lives, as well as our participation in the destruction of the Planet with our consumption.

I was questioning my ethical values and inner ones! And with that, among other realisations, I realised that buying clothes “in conventional stores” was not an option if I wanted to minimize my impact on nature and not contribute to harming our Planet.

Although I found some sustainable brands, I did not identify with any brand of ethical, high-quality and sensually designed underwear.

I wondered: In order to buy ethically, why should I give up sensual design? I still want to feel sexy and pretty when I’m wearing lingerie.

So, UMA started like this:

In the last hours of a Forest Bathing workshop in Collserola (Barcelona), I found myself sitting on the ground in a state of deep relaxation. Suddenly, I heard my voice loud and strong in my head:

“You’re going to make lingerie! Sustainable! Very sensual! … A few months ago you saw an online course on Sustainable Fashion! Sign up!”

I signed up and told my best friend everything, let’s do this together I told her. She accepted.

We needed 2 years of research to build a proper business.

We launched UMA in September 2020, and after a year of partnering we realised that we had a very different vision of life and a different vision for UMA too.

In July 2022, we made the decision to take different paths. Marie continues dreaming of an Eco·Sensual world.

We are Carla and Marie.

We’ve been friends since we were little girls, and our friendship is based on a tremendous sisterhood. We have found that, working together, we can make our ambitious dream come true: to create a brand of eco-sensual lingerie that seeks to empower women, and encourage them to own their sensuality and femininity.

We walk hand in hand with many wise, empathic women, who have committed their creativity and affection to this project.

Our dream is to co-create UMA with women who, like us, dream of a sustainable, sensual, feminine and eco-feminist world.

Before officially launching UMA Intimates, we were granted the incredible opportunity to use the ULULE crowdfunding platform for sustainable fashion publishing. You can see a link to the crowdfunding here.

In  this video we introduced UMA Intimates to the world!  This experience allowed us to bring UMA to life and present it publicly after two years of hard work. While we were nervous, we were mostly excited to receive feedback from the women we were creating this lingerie for!

What a rewarding and beautiful experience, to feel how you all welcomed us with open arms! We feel like you were waiting for us. And we exceeded our goal, acheiving 200%. After listening to you and taking your advice very seriously, we decided to take a little time to integrate everything we learned:

  • One, rethink our entire collection to incorporate your feedback and advice- you are UMA Co-creator and we listen to you carefully.
  • And two, we learned this great lesson: “We are capable of achieving our dreams when we ask for help and feel unstoppable when we CO-create with other people. Now UMA is sacred dream at the service of women.”

We have something very special to tell you!

We have been awarded Project Of The Year by the jury of the FIDEM 2021, XXIV edition, Entrepreneurship category.

FIDEM is the International Foundation for entrepreneurial women.

The FIDEM awards are a tribute and recognition of the successes obtained and the initiatives carried out by women who, with the good management of their companies, contribute to economic and social development.

We are so grateful for how much life gives us. ✨

Premios FIDEM 2021

We are Carla and Marie, we have been friends since we were little girls.

Our friendship is based on a tremendous sisterhood that has shown us that together we can make a very ambitious dream come true: Create UMA Intimates.

We walk this path accompanied by many women who guide us by the hand, with wisdom and empathy, giving this project their creativity and affection. UMA is a sacred dream among women.

Our hope is that this sisterhood will envelope all those women who also dream of a sustainable, sensual, feminine and ecofeminist world, a world which empowers us to live our life honoring who we are by nature.

Everyone one can be an Eco·Sensual woman!

Every human being who feels their feminine energy and recognises themselves as a sensual woman is one of us. If you feel your wild woman inside, you can express yourself with UMA.

Possibly the most valuable aspect of being an UMA woman is feeling supported by her equals: other women. An UMA woman is inspired by and inspires other women, sharing experiences through their unique perspective. An UMA woman values, creates and expands the power of sisterhood; the divine energy shared between us.

If you want to share your feminine energy as an UMA woman by creating inspirational content, you can find out more here.

Let me show you a paragraph from the book “The awakened Woman”  by Tererai Trent:

[…] “Now more than ever, when as a world population we are facing complex problems that are too important to resort to easy solutions, the world needs the vision, creativity and voice of the women of the planet. We can no(t) longer afford to live disconnected from our sacred and collective purpose. The world needs a team of awakened women, women in contact with their divine side, women empowered by their feminine, women who cultivate their sacred dreams, thus nurturing the sacred purpose of others.”

When I read this, I saw it clearly. My dream is the sacred dream of all of us.

So, if we are creating UMA and we put UMA at the service of all women, would we go further if we all co-created UMA together? Wouldn’t it be more powerful if each one of us expresses what we want to see, how we want to see it, what we value ​​and how we value ​​it?

So, why you don’t show me what, for example, sensuality means to you, how you live it, how you feel it.

UMA is created with the purpose of serving you, uniting us to revolutionize the conventional, encouraging us to connect with our feminine essence using our infinite capacity for creation when women are together.

Because we believe in it, we ask you this question:


We need you because, how could we move forward or know that we are connecting with you, without hearing you, without seeing you? Your participation would be at the centre of UMA where we can ask for advice and learn about what you like and dislike and what you need.

We want to create, grow, evolve, we want to co-create UMA with you, because all our work is created to connect with you.

If you resonate with our call, sign up here . 

Together, we will create a brand of lingerie that serves women, revolutionising and empowering us to be our most intimate selves.