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In this space we honor our femininity. You are the protagonist of our videos and photography, we explore the concept of sensuality in a safe and nurturing space. We want to reveal the power of our Sensuality.

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Be part of the photo and video sessions


Marion is a professional pole dance dancer, through her movements she expresses her essence.

"Being connected to my body allows me to enhance my sexuality, feel myself, and then, I dance.
This is my way of expressing myself, listening to myself, loving to myself. - Marion "



Montse receive us at her home, her safe space.

She is a woman with a great curiosity for her Being, for exploring herself, which has led her to discover a thousand ways back to her inner self.
One way to express her creativity and care about her self-esteem is by posing sensually for the camera.


MEI: @laciervaverde

I don't remember when I realised that I had grown up learning to be likeable to others, to be pleasing to men, to always be up to the beauty standards (physically speaking and within the set standards): To be and to look beautiful for others, to be and to be seen, to make my way.
Discovering this caused me a great shock that made me disassociate myself quite a lot from my body, reject my sensuality and omit any behaviour that could expose me in that sense. [...]
I went from believing that beauty and sensuality were the key, to believing that a sensual and beautiful woman was less: less professional, less credible or less intelligent.

In the midst of these uncomfortable thoughts and profound life changes, I received a proposal from UMA intimates inviting me to create whatever I wanted for them. My first thought was "no way, what will people think of me". But I gave myself a few days because something really tingled in my guts.

I researched the brand, which is beautiful and coherent to the millimetre, from the choice of materials, design and production to the packaging and shipping, a marvel. And I really wanted to take pictures, from a point of view that I don't usually do. Their invitation was really the perfect reason to create some "turning point photos" in which to see myself with new eyes and to start designing a concept of sensuality that would please me first and foremost. [...] It has certainly been therapeutic and expansive on a creative level. And tremendously fucked up, I must say, the process of seeing myself (and not to mention exposing myself). But I'm proud of them and of myself for having started this new way of seeing.



Savanna created this short where she explores the meaning of sensuality: "Your body is a statement, every movement can be made with consciousness, like the way trees sway or the way certain notes form a harmony.  And in our sense of feeling, things take on color, they take on meaning."



Katya was one of Marie's Yoga teachers (the founder of UMA). Her photo was chosen by the journalist of the newspaper LA VANGUARDIA as the main photo for her article.

“I dream with an ecofeminist and sensual world.

Where we all can be erotic, sexual, fearless women, with a world where we do not judge ourselves, where we are our own teacher, mother and mentor; a world where our intuition and wisdom is sacred.


Loving words for uma