The day I am free.

habitar mi cuerpo

We human beings have autonomy in our choices, we have freedom.

Freedom is what inspires me, pisses me off, stirs me up. It’s what made me choose to write this Blog. I am writing here because the idea of using this platform to help my fellow women fulfills me, and makes me feel useful. 

I must of course acknowledge that my perspective is limited by my own experiences. What I share here is the wisdom I’ve acquired through the path of my own unique, eclectic, beautiful life. Not everybody will agree with my conclusions, and they don’t need to. I’m more interested in starting a conversation about what womanhood is, and what it has the potential to be. 

I want to share with you what I’ve learned in my journey to become the woman I am today.

In this Blog, I hope you will find useful information that you can use in your daily life; particularly those things I wish I’d known before I started this journey!

If you are inspired by sustainability, female sensuality and sexuality- welcome, because this space is for us.

So, what kind of information can you expect to find here? Hopefully, information that is actually useful to you. In order to achieve this, I need your help; let me know what you think, and what you’d like to learn more about. Together, we can create something bigger.

When we channel our feminine energy, it allows us to connect and create safe spaces for all kinds of women. In these safe spaces we can support and listen to each other, in order to combine our shared wisdom and step into our power. 

My mission is to provide you with information on the issues that matter. Access to information helps us act assertively, giving us tools to understand our own complexity and avoid victimhood. Your curiosity is the key to unlocking this knowledge.

In this blog you can expect to learn about: 

  • Applying sustainability to everyday life (with guides to alternatives)
  • Psychology and neuroscience (understanding how our minds work, including the direct link between the brain and the vagina)
  • Finances (and finding a way to escape the rat race)
  • Sensuality and feminine sexuality (with some wonderful book recommendations)
  • Spirituality (what a topic!)

I’m so looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Knowledge, information, to share our wisdom, let’s free ourselves sisters. 💚

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