UMA Co-creator

Now more than ever, the world needs a team of awakened women.’

There’s something I want to co-create with you.

I want experience my life in a world where each of us are fearless to be, where we are free of our own limitations, so we can just be. I want to honour my precious life, living my dreams. A live where we all live our dreams.

And I discover that, everything starts with self-belief.

I grew up believing that if I could accomplish my goals completely alone, they were worth more. Where did I learn this? Who made this demand? I grew up fighting, telling myself “I don’t need anybody’s help”- as if accepting help and community was a sign of weakness. I was wrong.

Nobody ever explicitly told me that solitude was strength. Nonetheless, this vision of being the “right” kind of strong woman, independent and unsupported, was rooted deep inside. Isn’t that interesting? I wonder how many other things I, and we, take for granted- without questioning the origin of those beliefs.

One day, I went to my local bookshop. It was there that I would find the book that changed my life. It was called “The Awakened Woman: A Guide for Remembering and Igniting Your Sacred Dreams”. I couldn’t ignore its call.

I devoured that book. As I tore through the pages, I couldn’t keep from asking myself: why I didn’t hear about Sorority before? Page after page, I become more hopeful, more tender, more open. I started to let myself dream, dream bigger.

The book helped me understand that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, sharing your own vulnerability is a strength. When I share my worries with my loved ones, I am allowing myself to connect, and be supported in a way that honours my deepest self. 

Let me share a paragraph with you, which affected me profoundly:

[…] “Now more than ever, when as a world population we are facing complex problems that are too important to resort to easy solutions, the world needs the vision, creativity and voice of the women of the planet. We can not longer afford to live disconnected from our sacred and collective purpose. The world needs a team of awakened women, women in contact with their divine side, women empowered by their feminine, women who cultivate their sacred dreams, thus nurturing the sacred purpose of others. “

“The Awakened Woman” – Tererai Trent

Over the next two years, I kept asking myself how I could honour my sacred dreams. How could I live my most authentic self? Then I began to see it clearly; the concept which would eventually become UMA. My shared, sacred dream. 

UMA needs to be at the service of all women. We all have to co-create UMA together. Our message of sorority between women becomes so much more powerful when we all express our own desires and preferences. So- we need to learn from all of you. Tell me what sensuality means to you; how you live it, how you feel it. Connect with me and inspire us all.

When we come together, together we can revolutionise what seems unquestionable. When we support one another, our feminine strength allows us to connect with our infinite capacity for creation. When women hold up other women, we can achieve anything.

So, here I am asking you: Will you co-create UMA with us?

If you resonate with our call and you want to know a bit more about it, go to the Co-Creator Section.

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