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'Discover the GAIA Collection'

GAIA is the Goddess of creation who represents UMA's essence and gives the name to our original lingerie collection.


Love and respect for ourselves, for our planet.

“What if we started economics not with its long-established theories, but with humanity’s long-term goals, and then sought out the economic thinking that would enable us to achieve them?”

Kate Raworth

#Who made my clothes?

We are deeply inspired by Fashion Revolution, the organization that leads the largest activist movement in slow fashion, and its powerful address to many brands: #Who made my clothes?.
We wish to join this Revolution, to contribute to giving better answer to this far-reaching question.

Don't recycle. Instead REUSE!
Imagine a second life.

The original packaging in which you receive your UMA lingerie is eco-designed to have a second life.


When we express ourselves from a place of freedom and seize the inner power that belongs to us, when we connect with our sensual energy residing in our bodies, honouring our sexuality:

 We are unstoppable and cannot be silenced.

Our wish is to give us, all women, a place to foster and strengthen sisterhood so together, in sorority, we can question and revolutionise the establishment, starting with our inner-selves.

UMA'S DIRECTORY: Women I admire

La Rendición
Nutritional Psychologist

In this space you can find awakened women whose purpose is to guide other women to find their own light.

UMA intimates

Awaken your sensual Self

This is a space to inspire you.
To reveal subtly the power of female Sensuality.

UMA WOMEN: Women that feel (alive)

We experience and feel in a unique, individual way, real and raw.

What does sensuality mean in your internal world?

Do you want to be UMA Co-creator?

Together, we will create an Eco-Sensual lingerie brand which aims its, to empower women from the intimate self.

This isn't just a Newsletter!

Happy reciprocity: ‘You can’t take without giving.’

We have so much to give. Allow us to keep in contact with you, to share valuable information, resources in sustainability and ensure you don’t miss our new projects!